Refurbished Cosmetic Lasers and Aesthetic Equipment

Used Cosmetic lasers and used aesthetic lasers bought and sold. We provide used cosmetic laser repair, used cosmetic laser training and used cosmetic laser warranties. We buy and sell used aesthetic lasers, used medical lasers, used ophthalmic lasers, used hair removal lasers, used vascular lasers and used wrinkle lasers.

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Cosmetic Lasers, Medical Lasers & Aesthetic Equipment For Sale

Matrix, Inc. has first access to current laser technology and the best pre-owned cosmetic and aesthetic lasers in the world. Please review our inventory listed on this page, and notice that we may have exactly the cosmetic or aesthetic laser you are looking for.

Matrix, Inc. researches and selects the most recent technology in the field of aesthetic, non-surgical equipment to benefit our clients and our physician clinics. Our criteria include researching systems that require little down time for healing, work on all skin types, and are cost effective.

We have defined the following treatment concerns and purchase lasers for these treatments:
  • Skin Problems
  • Unwanted Hair
  • Beginning Signs of Aging
  • Unsightly Veins
  • Body Reshaping
  • Acne Problems

  • We excel in guiding you to purchase the perfect cosmetic, medical or ophthalmic laser for your needs.

    Please call us at (435) 649-6836 or send a question to a staff member at the Contact Us link.
    We stock our inventory and spare parts
    Choose from a large variety of in stock equipment.
    We are a Brick and Morter Business!
    We are a Brick and Mortar Business!


     Cellulite Therapy
    For Sale - Used
        Lpg Cellu M6 IP - Cellu M6 IP Model Camera Icon
        Syneron VelaShape - VelaShape Camera Icon
        Syneron Velasmooth - Syneron Velasmooth RF Camera Icon

     Cosmetic Lasers
    For Sale - Used
        Asclepion Dermablate - Cosmetic Lasers Camera Icon
        Asclepion Mediostar XT - Cosmetic Hair Removal Laser Camera Icon
        Candela Ellipse IPL - Candela Ellipse IPL
        Candela Gentlelase Plus - Cosmetic Hair Removal Laser Camera Icon
        Candela GentleYag - Candela Mini GentleYag
        Candela Mini GentleLase Plus - Candela Mini GentleLase Plus Camera Icon
        Candela Smoothbeam - Cosmetic Lasers Camera Icon
        ConBio Medlite C6 Series - Tattoo Removal Laser C6 Camera Icon
        Cooltouch Inc. Cool Touch Varia - Varia Camera Icon
        Cutera 2008 XEO w/ fractional - Cutera Xeo Camera Icon
        Cutera CoolGlide CV - Cutera CoolGlide CV Camera Icon
        Cutera CoolGlide excel - High Powered Long Pulse Yag Camera Icon
        Cutera CoolGlide Vantage - Cutera Altus CoolGlide Vantage Camera Icon
        Cutera Solera Opus - Cutera Solera Opus Camera Icon
        Cutera Solera Titan - Cutera Solera Titan Camera Icon
        Cynosure Affirm - Cosmetic Lasers Camera Icon
        Cynosure Apogee Elite - Cosmetic Lasers Camera Icon
        Cynosure SmartLipo-18 watt - PhotoLight IPL system
        Cynosure SmartLipo-6 watt - Pulsed Dye Laser Camera Icon
        Diomed D-15 PLUS - Cosmetic Lasers Camera Icon
        ICN Cool Touch Varia - Cosmetic Lasers Camera Icon
        ICN Cooltouch II - Cosmetic Lasers Camera Icon
        Iridex Diolite 532 - Cosmetic Lasers
        Laserscope Aura i w/ Starpulse - Laserscope Aura i Variable Spot Camera Icon
        Laserscope Gemini - Gemini
        Laserscope Lyra i 1064 Yag - Cosmetic Lasers Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Active Fx - Lumenis Active Fx
        LUMENIS Active Fx-Deep Fx - Lumenis Ultrapulse Encore
        LUMENIS Aluma Skin Renewal System - Lumenis Aluma Camera Icon
        LUMENIS ClearLight Acne System - Cosmetic Lasers Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Derma K - CO2 laser and Erbium Camera Icon
        LUMENIS EP 100Msec - Lightsheer EP
        LUMENIS Lightsheer EC 400 - 100J/Cm, 400MS, 9MM Handpiece. Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Lightsheer EP - 100J/Cm, 400MS, 9MM Handpiece Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Lightsheer ET - 100J/Cm, 400MS, 9MM Handpiece. Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Lightsheer ET - 60J/Cm, 100MS, 9MM Handpiece. Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Lightsheer XC - 60J/Cm, 100MS, 12MM Handpiece. Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Lightsheer XC 400Msec - 100J/cm2, 400 MS, 12x12 Spot Camera Icon
        LUMENIS LumeOne - LumeOne with three modules Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Quantum IPL - HR/SR/DL Configurations Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Vaculight SR - Cosmetic IPL/ Laser Camera Icon
        LUMENIS VersaPulse® C - Cosmetic Lasers Camera Icon
        Luxar LX-20  - Cosmetic Lasers Camera Icon
        Palomar Estelux - Cosmetic Hair Removal Laser Camera Icon
        Palomar Medilux - Palomar Medilux IPL Camera Icon
        Palomar Palomar Q-YAG 5 - Tattoo Removal Lasers
        Palomar Starlux 300 IPL Laser - Palomar Starlux
        Radiancy Whisper Erbium Yag - Whisper Nd:yag
        Reliant Technologies SR 1500 - Fraxel SR 1500 Camera Icon
        Sciton Profie - Sciton Profile with BBL Camera Icon
        Sharplan Lasers, Inc. 40C C02 Laser - Cosmetic Lasers
        Syneron Aurora DSR - Syneron Aurora DSR Camera Icon
        Syneron Comet - Syneron Comet Camera Icon
        Syneron E Max - Syneron E Max Camera Icon
        Syneron eLaser - Syneron eLaser Camera Icon
        Syneron eLight - Syneron eLight Camera Icon
        Syneron Libra - Libra
        Syneron Polaris WR-LV - Syneron Polaris WR-LV Camera Icon
        Thermage Thermage TC - Thermage TC Camera Icon
        Candela Gentlelase Plus - Gentlelase Plus or Gentlelase LE Camera Icon
        Candela V-Beams and C-Beams - Candela Lasers
        ConBio Medlite C3 and C6's - Wanted
        Cutera Coolglide All Models - XEO/EXCEL/VANTAGE/CV/TITAN
        Cutera Medlite™ C Series - Tattoo Removal
        Cutera Vantage- Xeo's - Coolglide Camera Icon
        Diomed DioLite 532 - Vascular-Pigmented Lesions Camera Icon
        ICN Cool Touch Varia - Hair Removal-Vascular Lesions Camera Icon
        ICN Cooltouch II - Wrinkle Reduction Camera Icon
        ICN Quench - Cooltouch Quench Camera Icon
        Iridex Apex 800 - With Cold Tip Contact Cooling
        Laserscope Auru KTP 532 Starpulse - 10 Watt w/starpulse Camera Icon
        Laserscope i Models - Lyra i Aura i and Venus i Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Lightsheer EC - 60J/Cm, 30 or 100MS, 9MM Handpiece Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Lightsheer EP - 60J/Cm, 30 or 100MS, 9MM Handpiece Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Lightsheer ET - 60J/Cm, 100MS, 9MM Handpiece. Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Lightsheer SC - 40J/Cm, 100MS, 9MM Handpiece. Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Lightsheer SP - 40J/Cm, 30 or 100MS, 9MM Handpiece Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Lightsheer ST - 40J/Cm, 100MS, 9MM Handpiece. Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Lightsheer XC - 60J/Cm, 100MS, 12MM Handpiece. Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Quantum HR/SR/DL - Ipl
        LUMENIS ULTRAPULSE 5000C - Co2 Laser Camera Icon
        LUMENIS Vaculight HR/SR VS, VX - Vasculight SR/HR Camera Icon
        LUMENIS VersaPulse® C - Versapulse V and C Camera Icon
        Luxar LX-20 - Co2 Laser Camera Icon
        Palomar Estelux - G,Y,R,Rs handpieces.
        Palomar Palomar Q-YAG 5 - Tattoo Removal
        Radiancy Spatouch and SkinStation - Hair Removal
        Sciton PROFILE™ - Erbium-1064 ND Yag Camera Icon
        Sharplan Lasers, Inc. 1080s 80 Watt C02 Laser - Ablation Camera Icon
        Syneron Aurora DS and DSR's - Syneron Lasers

    For Sale - Used
        Altair Instruments Diamond Tome - Diamond Tome Camera Icon
        DermaMed Mega Peel - DermaMed MegaPeel Gold Camera Icon
        DermaMed MegaPeel Platinum - Platinum Series Camera Icon
        Parisian Peel Classic Dermamax 2000 - Microdermabrasion Camera Icon
        Parisian Peel Esprit - Parisian Peel Esprit
        Parisian Peel Prestige - Parisian Peel Pro XP Camera Icon
        AMI All Models Considered - We buy New and Used Microderm's

     RF Equipment
    For Sale - Used
        Thermage Thermage TC - Thermage TC

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